Welcome to Stoked Pizza

Some things are best done the old fashioned way, that’s why we use traditional, tried and true methods for making the best wood fired sourdough pizza. Here at Stoked Pizza there are no shortcuts and no gimmicks.

Our sourdough bug is 45 years old. We carefully look after it and create fresh pizza bases for each outing. The difference in fresh ingredients and bases over a wood fire oven is noticeable.  Every Sunday you can find us at the Harbour side Market in Wellington. Come and try a slice and rest assured, its made with care and attention. We hope you love it


We will cater for anything within reason – beach weddings,  backyard parties and work functions etc. We come to your site and cook for you and your guests. Our mobile pizza oven has been all around the Wellington region for functions and events. We care about our pizzas – and your event. We generally need a minimum 25 Pizza order and also five days lead time. Contact us for more information

Stoked Pizza Trailer


There are some things that just get so much better with age. Cheese, wine, scotch whisky , middle aged men and some cured meats – all of these things need some aging to access their true potential.  Another thing that also gets better with a little aging?  Pizza dough.

We age ours by way of fermentation for at least three days (but no more than five) because we found that it gives us the flavor we like and also gives the dough the best texture.  This process is sensitive to any environmental changes such as heat or moisture. We therefore take great care during this process.

Sourdough is quite filling. (After eating you are not likely to want a snack).  There are also objective health benefits to sourdough over conventional baking.  The most important of all is – it just tastes nicer.